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American Studies

What is American Studies?
American Studies is an interdisciplinary approach to studying American culture and history, challenging students to think about culture as a whole, rather than from the perspective of a single academic discipline.

What can I do with an AMS degree?
Like other liberal arts degrees, AMS fosters the critical thinking and writing skills necessary for many career areas and for a well-rounded life. Graduates of AMS programs go on to careers in a variety of fields, including law, social work, government, journalism, business, museum work, and teaching.



If you can't choose just one major...

If you're interested in how literature, history, religion, and politics impact each other...

If you want to think about the idea of "America" from a variety of perspectives...

...check out LR's American Studies Program!

Colonial Literature Archive

These editions of colonial texts were compiled by students from the English and American Studies programs while taking ENG 301, Colonial American Literature, with Dr. Julie R. Voss.

For more information, contact
Dr. Julie Voss, coordinator of the American Studies Program
Office: 208 Rhyne, 323-7076

See the American Studies [PDF] curriculum in the School of Arts and Letters section of the University catalog.




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